Vocal Fold Bowing/Presbylarynges

What is vocal fold bowing?

Vocal fold bowing is a condition that develops secondary to the thyroarytenoid muscle atrophying. Vocal fold bowing is most frequently seen in older people, and in that case is called presbylarynges (thought to be part of the normal aging process). Vocal fold bowing and atrophy can also occur when you have a paralyzed vocal fold.

What are the symptoms of vocal fold bowing?

An individual with vocal fold bowing will most often have a weak, somewhat breathy voice. Severity of voice quality can vary depending on the severity of the bowing and atrophy.

How is vocal fold bowing treated?

Treatment for vocal fold bowing and presbylarynges can most often be successfully achieved in a voice therapy program designed to re-strengthen and re-balance the laryngeal musculature. In most severe cases or for people who do not benefit from voice therapy, there are a few surgical options that are available to help the vocal folds close, which will improve voice quality.