Cochlear Implant Program

Cochlear implants are one of the most amazing medical advances of the past century. By bypassing the diseased inner ear and directly stimulating the hearing (cochlear) nerve, nearly all forms of severe to complete hearing loss can be treated.

The Cochlear Implant Program at ColumbiaDoctors combines the experience of the world’s leading experts in hearing loss with access to the latest technological breakthroughs. Our multidisciplinary team includes subspecialty trained surgeons in otology/neurotology and pediatric otolaryngology, audiologists, hearing scientists, genetics specialists, neuroradiologists, and a dedicated cochlear implant coordinator.

With our program of speech therapy and training in listening, language and speech-reading skills, we can help you or your child make the most of your cochlear implant. For most children and many adults, this means understanding speech, talking on the telephone, and successfully participating in school and play.

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Video caption: Dr. Lustig discusses how loss of hair cells causes hearing loss, and how cochlear implants can help.