Patient Testimonials

"I am super grateful for Dr. Pitman and his staff. Dr. Pitman is informative, helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. He gets straight to the diagnosis and the cure for the problem.  I always leave feeling secure and safe."

-Lexi Lawson:  Broadway actress, singer and Eliza in Hamilton

"The office is beautiful and spacious.  The staff is kind, patient and helpful. Dr. Pitman is amazing, asks the right questions and is kind and effective in such a beautiful way.  He gives me peace of mind."

-Lisa Fischer: Grammy Award winner, Star of Academy Award winning Twenty Feet From Stardom

"Dr. Pitman and his team are the BEST!  Everyone is professional and friendly.  He restored my voice back to normal!"

-Marjorie Futornick: retired

"I would not trust anyone else with my care." 

-Donna P: Child Psychologist

"Dr. Pitman and his staff were professional, courteous, friendly, and responsive to my questions and concerns. Dr. Pitman evaluated my case history and agreed to in-office green laser treatment rather than in-hospital CO2 laser treatment. I was very happy with his decision, as I want to avoid anesthesia.  The treatment given to my by Dr. Pitman was excellent and resulted in my regaining my natural voice.  I would rate Dr. Pitman at the top." 

-Gerald Murphy: Business Executive

"My experience with Dr. Pitman has been wonderful. He dealt with my voice problem in the most professional manner and with great care and concern for what I was experiencing. I am so very greatful for how he has made my life better in a very profound way."

-Ruth Golub: TV Producer

"I waited way too long to remedy a problem with my voice.  It was scratchy and hoarse, and daily I was asked if I had a cold. Dr. Pitman and his team identified the problem as vocal fold polyps, walked me through the remedy, and expertly performed surgery.  I am thrilled with the result." 

-Jennifer Helmer: Head of Institutional Sales

"I had a vocal fold cyst.  Dr. Pitman did a wonderful job and was extremely professional and compassionate throughout the whole experience. Carly (the voice therapist) was also a huge help. My voice is restored to normal."

-Laura Cerniglia:  Student

"Dr. Pitman is a wonderful, professional, confident doctor.  My surgery gave me the ability to swallow and eat food again. I am so grateful to have found him." 

-Lois Damico: Insurance Broker

"I come from Saratoga Springs, NY just to see Dr. Pitman. He is, by far, the best at trying to make me comfortable and breath on my own.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate laryngologist."

-Kathleen Lewis

"I can sing again!  Dr. Pitman and his team treated me in a timely fashion, with professionalism and a level of consideration that is uncommon in the business of medicine." 

-Tom Wopat: Singer and Actor

"Dr. Pitman’s care was holistic. It wasn’t just a doctor’s visit but a solution to my whole voice.  The entire staff went above and beyond. I am deeply grateful for my care."

-Emily Bergl: Actress

"Dr. Pitman restored my voice and I feel that I’m all better.  It was a very positive experience.  Dr. Pitman and the staff made my visits pleasant and effective."

-Norma B

"I am happy to have found Dr. Pitman in NYC.  I moved here 2 years ago, shortly after being diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia and he helped to make my life better.  He was reassuring and explained everything very well. Dr. Pitman’s staff were friendly and helped calm me when I was nervous.  I am able to live with my disease and still have a normal life."

-Andrea Cerulli