Needle Perforation of the RWM for Cochlear Implantation

Single Needle Device Perforation of the Human Round Window Membrane (RWM) to Facilitate Atraumatic Cochlear Implantation

This is a clinical study investigating the ability of a needle device, designed to consistently make holes of a desired shape and size into one of the potential openings into the cochlea called the round window membrane. This hole will allow for the smooth insertion of electrodes into the inner ear for patients undergoing cochlear implantation. The creation of our device will allow for more precise placement of cochlear implants into the inner ear, limiting the patient’s surgical risks of cochlear damage and leakage of inner ear fluid.

This clinical trial is open to enrollment.

To inquire about participation, please contact:

Dylan Cawley

Research Coordinator 

Principal Investigator:
Anil K. Lalwani, MD